Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Very First Blog : Scrotal Surgery

Welcome to my to my very first blog. The reason I decided to do this blog is simple. Before my surgery I had searched and searched the web for information about what I was going to go through, before, during and after I had scrotal abscess surgery. After hours and hours of searching just about any and all key words I could think of, I could find absolutely nothing. Not one single jot , tittle or  image of my situation. So hopefully this blog will be a help to someone. It will contain descriptions of what I went through and still going through and pictures from the first day home, to complete recovery. These pictures will be graphic ( Open wound ) and in the private area of the body. I trust everyone will be an adult about this. I will look forward to comments and or questions from anyone that may be having this type of surgery.

Last but not least I have been recovering for about 3 weeks now so i have some catching up to do. I had wanted to do this from day one but as i was pretty High on vicodin I wouldn't have made much sense anyway.  You will have to scroll down for the most recent post as it will be from oldest post first to the most recent. Lets Begin.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

History - Why Surgery was needed

I have always been prone to cysts ,boils and abscesses . Even when i was 18 years old and in the Army I had a very very bad pilonidal cyst that required surgery. But this is a story for another time.

     The Current Problem Started about 6 years ago with a tiny bump the size of an eraser on the side/edge of my scrotum. It would come and go swelling to the size of a almond sometimes but then would go away . Finally one day it swelled and kept swelling until it was half the size of a small plumb. It was very painful to say the least. I went to my family Dr and she immediately made me an appointment with a urologist and he scheduled me for surgery.  This in tailed cutting a hole at the bottom of my scrotum , Draining and cleaning out the cavity that remained followed by a nurse coming to my house for 3 weeks removing the stuffing from the small hole and inserting new stuffing. All seemed to go well and i went back to work .

   Fast forward 8 months and i started noticing a spot or two of blood in my underwear. The spot got bigger and bigger with time and would come and go. Sometimes the tiny hole in the bottom of a my scrotum ( which i appropriately called the Drainage hole ) would clog up and my scrotum would swell on the bottom then would go higher then higher.Over time it started swelling near the top , to the side just below my penis. Or Cock for any of you  that cringe at the sound of the word PENIS in your head.
    What had happened was the abscess at the bottom had worked its way way up essentially creating a tube from the top to bottom. This would fill up create pressure then the drainage hole would finally release and make an awful mess. I cant tell you how many pairs of underwear I went through or how many possible romantic evenings never happened for fear of being gross down there.

   Three years ago the drainage hole completely clogged up and the top portion swelled enough for a trip to the emergency room. The Doctor that came in numbed me up and cut another hole , this time at the top part of the scrotum. Over time it would now drain from both top and bottom. After fighting this thing for another 3 years i finally ended up in another Dr office that swears he is going to fix it once and for all ..  Next post .. getting ready for surgery  on OCT 26th 2010 and yes you will finally get to see the gross pics .. 

Finally home

Well i made it home after a 2 days in the hospital.Apparently there were breathing issue's during my surgery so i had to stay 24 hours which was fine with me since my Insurance covered 100 % with a overnight stay instead of out patient surgery. Im still working on this blog thing and figuring out how everything works so bare with me while i learn . Ill go back at it tomarrow . for now here is what they did to me and the best way my home nurse was able to put my bag in to a sling